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Village Creek Neighborhood Association Bylaws



Article 1.  Name

The name of this organization shall be the Village Creek Neighborhood Association, a non-profit organization, hereinafter referred to as the Association.

Article 2.   Purpose

The purpose of the Association is to:

  1. Unify and represent the concerns of the neighborhood.
  2. Provide a forum for neighbors to discuss issues and concerns.
  3. Protect and preserve the quality and integrity of the neighborhood.
  4. Promote and enhance the safety and health of the neighborhood.

Article 3.   Membership

1.      Eligibility

Membership in the Association shall be open to all persons 18 and over who live or own property in the area bounded by Shawnee Park to the north and east, by Santa Fe Park and Lilac Street to the south and K Avenue to the west..  This also includes property west of the alley paralleling and east of the north-south section of Lucas Terrace and extending north to Parker Road and the properties on the south side of Felix Dr from P Ave east to the first north-south alley entrance.  It also includes all property on Camelia Dr. extending from N Ave to Lilac Lane.                

2.      Dues

No fees will be charged for membership in the Association.

3.      Honorary Membership 

 Honorary membership may be awarded to persons who have performed services which tend to further the purposes of the Association.  The election of honorary members shall be by majority vote of the quorum.  Honorary members shall have no vote.

Article 4.  Voting

1.      Members of the Association 18 years of age and older present at any meeting shall be entitled to vote.

2.      Each member shall have one vote, with a maximum of two votes per address represented within the Association boundaries.  In the event that a homeowner and a renter from a single address are present, the vote will be split is that the renter receives one vote and the property owner receives one vote.

3.      A quorum shall be necessary for the transaction of Association business.  Quorum shall be defined as a majority of those present at the meeting; at least three officers must be present to take a vote. 

4.      An affirmative vote of more than fifty (50) percent of the quorum shall be binding on the association.

Article 5.   Board of Directors

  1.  The Board of Directors of the Association shall be elected from the active membership and shall be:
    President, Vice-President, Secretary/Treasurer, and two Chair people. These five elected officers shall comprise the Board of Directors.
  2. Officers shall be elected for one-year terms in September meeting and shall assume office 30 days after they are elected.

Duties of Officers:

a. The President shall preside at all meetings of the Association and of the Board of Directors and shall be an ex-officio member of all Standing and Special Committees.
b. The Vice-President shall fulfill the duties of the President in his absence, shall chair the Membership Committee, and shall serve as Parliamentarian of the Association.
c. The Secretary/ Treasurer shall keep an accurate record of all business of the Association, including regularly scheduled and special called meetings of the Association and the Board of Directors. This officer shall also be responsible for the accumulation and maintenance of the central permanent file of such records. They shall keep an accurate record of all receipts and expenditures, and shall sign all checks drawn on the account of the Association. This officer shall also prepare a year-end report delineating such receipts and expenditures, to be published each September.
d. Chair person to serve on any special committees as appointed by the Board of Directors.

  1.  Removal from Office
    Any officer may be removed from office for cause at any meeting by majority vote of the quorum.
    6. Replacement of Officers
    When necessary, vacant offices may be filled by Board of Directors for their unexpired portion of the term or as directed in Robertís Rules of Order.
  2. Resignation by Officers
    Elected officers are requested to give a timely written notice of resignation to the President.

Article 6.  Meeting and Organization

  1. All meetings will be conducted according to Robertís Rules of Order.
  2. Meetings of the general membership of the Association shall be held not less that four times per calendar year. 
  3. Meetings will be publicized via e-mail, a quarterly newsletter and yard signs.
  4. Special meetings may be called by any Board Member upon determination that they are justified as a means of disseminating information and discussion of issues of neighborhood concern before the next regularly scheduled meeting.
  5. The fiscal year of the Association shall be from October 1 Ė September 30.

Article 7.  Committees

1.      The Board of Directors shall transact all business necessary to further the purpose and objectives of the Association, as specified in Article 2, in the intervals between regular quarterly meetings, as well as such other business which may be proposed by the membership.  A majority of the Board of Directors shall constitute a quorum for the conduct of business.  

2.      Standing and Special Committees shall be appointed as needed by the President, with their reports and recommendations to be submitted to the Board of Directors for review and approval prior to publication in the newsletter or presentation at any meetings.

Article 8.  Contracts, Checks, Deposits and Funds

  1. With approval from the Board of Directors, the Association President may execute contracts on behalf of the Association.
  2. With approval from the Board of Directors, the Treasurer may write checks on behalf of the Association.
  3. Funds will be deposited in the Village Creek Estates account at Legacy Bank. 

Article 9.  Amendment of Bylaws

  1. These Bylaws will be reviewed annually. 
  2. These Bylaws may be amended at any regular or special meeting by a two-thirds vote of the general membership provided that the amendment(s) have been submitted in writing to the membership prior to the vote.
  3. Changes to the Bylaws will be communicated via e-mail, flyers, phone tree, and web site.

Article 10.  Dissolution

Upon the dissolution of the Village Creek Neighborhood Association, no class of member shall have any right nor shall receive any assets of the Association.  The assets of the Association are permanently dedicated to a tax-exempt purpose.  In the event of dissolution, the Association's assets, after payment of debts, will be distributed to an organization which itself is tax-exempt under the provisions of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Article 11.  Prohibitions

1.      The Association shall not endorse any candidates for political office nor shall discussions extend to matters outside the purpose of the Association as set out in Article II.

2.      The Membership roster and the subscription list to the electronic mail service shall be confidential and may not be released to non- members without permission of Board of Directors after careful review of requests made thereof..

3.      No member may act as spokesperson or represent the Association without the permission of the Board of Directors or a majority of the quorum at a duly called regular or special meeting.

4.      The Board of Directors cannot assume debt on behalf of the Association. 

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