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Village Creek Neighborhood

Police Report Statistics

Below are links to the old neighborhood police reports that were provided by our Neighborhood Police Officers during our monthly meetings.  They no longer supply them, but in 2008, the City of Plano provided a special internet link that will allow each of you to see what's going on in our area. 

Just click on this link ( to access it and follow the instructions.

To see the original note from former NPO Sergeant Alicia Nors, click here.



December - 2002

January - 2003

February - 2003

March - 2003

Due to complete overhaul of the Plano Police Computer System, we are unable to provide the Police Report Statistics for our neighborhood  in the manner we started with.  However, thanks to Officer Nors, we are starting to receive them again, but in a different format.  Please take a few moments to look over this new report.

November - 2003 (partial)

January - 2004

February - 2004

March - 2004

April - 2004

May - 2004

June - 2004